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Things you need to know when you apply for a patent

2018-11-25 16:33:55

        In general, after apply for a patent for invention, from application to authorize this process was a long time, probably need 2 years time, after apply for a total of five stages, accept, first trial and released, shen and authorization, each of these steps requires a lot of relevant documents, today we mainly to chat, what may encounter when apply for a patent?

  For example, one side is a relative to do furniture business, give their own furniture factory registered trademark, found their own company's name being used, but the friend is in 2008 registered its own trademark, and shows the stolen the trademark is registered in 2011, just because do not belong to the same area, the oolong event happened as a result, in the end, or adopt legal means to solve this matter, from now on the friend on this aspect of the matter concerned, meet other friends will remind people pay attention to in business.

  This real case tells us that we should protect our own patent, and the most important thing is that after applying for a patent, it does not mean that it is your patent, but it needs to be authorized before it can become your patent.