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Exhibition service


Exhibition service management is an indispensable emerging field in the development of modern service industry. It is at the core of the exhibition industry chain and determines the success or failure of the whole exhibition work.Exhibition service refers to the whole process (before, during and after the conference) provided to ensure the normal progress of the conference and exhibition.Or before, during and after the exhibition) services, including lease, advertising, security, cleaning, exhibit transportation, warehousing, booth building and other professional services occurred in the exhibition site, but also including catering, tourism, accommodation, transportation, local specialties and other related industries supporting services.

Brief Introduction of the content

Centering on exhibition service, exhibition service introduces in detail the concept and development of exhibition and exhibition service, etiquette of exhibition service, preparation for exhibition reception, on-site service of conference and exhibition, follow-up service of exhibition, catering reception service in exhibition, fire protection and medical service in exhibition and other reception services.In the introduction of knowledge, supplemented by a large number of vivid cases and supplementary information, so that the content of more substantial and practical.The "review thinking questions" and "practical training questions" at the end of each chapter closely follow the content of this chapter, emphasizing the basic skills training and practical training, which is convenient for teaching.

Exhibition service is not only suitable for teachers and students majoring in exhibition planning and management in vocational and technical colleges to learn and use, but also for reference of exhibition practitioners. It can also be used as an introductory textbook for non-exhibition professionals to understand and learn the basic knowledge of exhibition service and master the basic skills of exhibition service.