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About Us

      Suzhou Rely business consulting co., LTD., mainly for the enterprises and institutions provide consultation service for science and technology policy, is the wuzhong district suzhou city administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment, in accordance with the law, is engaged in the science and technology policy analysis, research, deep investigation enterprise investment project, technology research and development, intellectual property rights, achievements, research and development, production, management system construction and other professional advisory services institutions.
      The company has a professional consulting team.Be familiar with the trend of national science and technology policies and funds, and master the resources of science and technology field;Around the enterprise can enjoy fiscal and tax preferential policies, financial support policies, three-dimensional integration of resources for enterprises to provide scientific and technological consulting, including the government free funding fund application, enterprise qualification recognition, financial consulting, investment and financing, high-tech product agents, enterprise information consulting, management consulting, enterprise training and so on.