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Suzhou bookkeeping agency new rules issued by the ministry of finance new management measures

2018-11-25 16:25:19

If your company needs to do accounts, you will choose to hire a special accounting personnel, or please the bookkeeping company agency?If you choose to hire a bookkeeping company to serve your company, I think your idea is more avant-garde.Because a lot of foreign companies are to take the agency bookkeeping company to do the account, not only do the account is very clear efficiency, and the cost is not high, save a lot of unnecessary costs and energy.The friend that does business in suzhou, should want to know the country has issued the new management method regulation of acting charge to an account now, strengthened the normative sex of acting charge to an account industry, say so, choice acting charge to an account is a behavior that the country supports, why not try?

And, the content that new management method sets is to seek welfare completely for the enterprise, added an insurance bolt for us to choose acting charge to an account.Suzhou mingjia intellectual property agency co., LTD. Below for you to briefly summarize the content of the new rules.1. Relax the market access threshold and simplify the qualification application requirements;2. Establish credit constraint mechanism and accept social supervision actively;3. Strengthen in-event and post-event supervision and intensify punishment for violations;4. Strengthen the self-discipline of the industry and give play to the role of the industry organization.And the new rules also stipulate that the bookkeeping agency industry organizations should accept the guidance and supervision of the financial departments of the people's governments at or above the county level.

Although there are new regulations of the financial department, but there will still be a bookkeeping agency in the society, so we must polish our eyes, choose to comply with the regulations, the ability to work strong bookkeeping company.Friends in suzhou can choose suzhou mingjia agent company, professional staff and integrity, we will provide you with the best service.