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What are the benefits of suzhou park registered company

2018-11-25 16:27:10

  First we understand the difference between registered companies and self-employed.1. The self-employed cannot improve their qualifications;2, the company invoice is more convenient, and the self-employed can only on behalf of the invoice, the company's income is based on the actual invoice income tax, but the self-employed is to pay a fixed tax every month.3. The company is the main body of legal person, but the self-employed do not have such a form, and the scale is limited.

  Let's look at the other benefits of registering a company. One of them is the legal nature.When registering a company, relevant laws and regulations include the company law and other business department regulations, which have a strong legal and game rule effect.For example, if you are self-employed, you are responsible for all your debts if your business loses money.But registered company does business to lose money to be able to apply for bankruptcy protection to the court, it is protected by law.If your registered capital is $1 million and your debt is $3 million, you only need to pay back $1 million.

  So do you know the benefits of suzhou park registered companies?Still can offer acting charge to an account business, act as an agent business charter, industry and commerce registers all sorts of business.