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Can register a company on the net what is the step?

2018-11-25 16:29:11

The development of network technology has reached a relatively mature point, people can almost do a lot of things without leaving the home, for example, online shopping, online delivery, online bank transfer and so on, so want to register a company on the Internet is feasible?Suzhou mingjia intellectual property agency co., LTD tells you that the answer is yes, of course you can.

  Register a company through the Internet, you don't have to run every department so much trouble, avoid a lot of fees and easy.The first step is to apply for pre-approval of the enterprise name, input the name of the application and relevant information into the computer, and submit it to the industrial and commercial authorities for examination through the network.General a weekday can give a result, if pass the customs, can download a notice of acceptance of enterprise name from the net, print down, and according to the instruction, take other application form, proof and other documents to industrial and commercial bureau to get a notice of enterprise name pre-approval, here, completed the first step, name approval.

The 2nd want to download a company to establish on the net namely register application form, and fill in complete according to the registration notice on the net, still submit the annex of all requirement.Below general circumstance, what can approve and register inside a day.If unqualified word must apply for afresh, want to revise carefully, until accord with is accepted ok.To here, the company that register on the net was finished, also want to go to industrial and commercial bureau to get relevant notice of course, but arrived that one pace when, your company also had registered, can begin your pioneering journey, wish success beforehand.